GODVD! Sima CT-200 Digital Copy Enhancer

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WF B002KS7CFG 30

From the Estate of an Electrical Engineer.

Suitable for all items including DVD Recorders, VCRs, DVD Players, Digital Camcorders and more... Removes all copy guard signals! Copy any DVD or VHS that you own, buy or rent! Copy any DVD to DVD! Copy DVD to mini-DV! Copy any DVD to VHS! Copy DVD to 8mm! Copy any VHS to VHS! Copy any VHS to DVD! Basically copy anything to anything!! Player and recorder are not included with this item. Stabilizes video signals for crisp, bright copies - digital technology - nothing to set or adjust Works for PAL or NTSC signals Copy all your VHS tapes now with the best color without fading or color drops Input signal level indicators 4 output signal enhancement modes- normal, enhanced, darker and black/white Includes: Manual, RCA cable, AC power adapter Composite and S-Video Connections Dimension: 230mm(W) x 130mm(D) x 30mm(H) Weight: 380g Notice: Use of this product for unauthorized duplication of copyrighted material from DVD, VHS or other media is prohibited under federal copyright laws unless the copy qualifies as a fair use under the Copyright Laws. 

It does not have the power cord. If I run across it, I will update the listing.

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