The Magic Hand Held Blender Cookbook Recipes HC / Spiral Binding 1990

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The Magic Hand-Held Blender Cookbook. Pretty much everything you want to know about these blenders and recipes using them. 159 pages in a Hardcover (like a binder) with spiral binding.

This is not for any particular blender but gives universal ideas for different blades, metric chart and truly mouth-watering recipes. 1990 by Deanna Smith Sudweeks, printed in the USA.

The hard cover has a bow to it from shelf storage & inside of the back hard cover has some surface rubbing soil (see photo). Inside pages are in good condition, but appear to have had water spilt on some of them as they wear sticking a bit. They came apart very easily and still have great color with little rippling. 

This cookbook covers a wide variety of recipes.

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