Vintage Lot approximately 100 Vacuum Tubes

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WF 42 B07B8LDJV5

Vintage Lot approximately 100 Vacuum Tubes Raytheon 6BA6, 12AE6, 117Z3, 6AT6, 6AK5, 12BA7 - Tung-Sol 6AK6, (2) 6AT6, 6AV6, 35Z5 - GE 12SK7, 12AV6, 25L6GT, 12BL6, 35Z5GT, 3V4, 3S4, 6AT6, 12AD6 - Philco 117Z3, 19T8, 12AT6, (2) 12AU6, 12DS7, 12K5, 1X2, 35Z4GT, 6AK5, (3) 6AQ6, (2) 6AT6, 6AV6 - RCA 12SA7, 12SK7, 12V6, 35Z5, 50L6, 6AK6, (2) 6AT6, 6AU6, 6BG6, 6SK7 - Sylvania 12AD6, 12AE6, 12AF6, 12AL5, (3) 12AT6, 12CR6, 6B5 - Hytron (2) 12BA7, 25L6 and more.

The tubes are not tested. They came from an Electrical Engineers home. I would assume he only had good tubes, but not sure. Price is for the lot of tubes. Most look used and there are a few that look unused.

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