Coronaviras Free Local Grocery Delivery for the Elderly

If you are elderly, and can't or don't want to be in crowds, or if you are quarantined. I will pick up your groceries for you at no charge. You will need to be close to my location in Fontana California. You will need to order the items online and pay for them. We will then make arrangements for me to pickup your groceries amd deliver them to you.

If you don't have a bank or credit card for ordering online, I will do my best to help you receive groceries anyway.

To keep the risk of catching the virus, I will place your groceries on your doo step, you can then just walk our your door and get your groceries. 

You should wash everything and throw away the bags to ensure you are not infected by stray virus. You should also wash your hands after you have finished unpacking.

I am offering this for free, but if you can give funds to cover gas, it would be appreciated but it is not necessary. I know many people are worse off than I, so please don't feel awkward or bad if you can't donate for gas I will be more than happy to assist you during this tough time.

This is a rough time for everyone and I want to make sure that everyone can receive groceries.

Be safe, be careful and I look forward to helping you if you need help.

Call us at 909-371-0764 or email us at If calling, be sure to leave a message as I have been receiving a lot of spam callers, I will call you back.