Wall Mounted Bins Screws Bolts Washers Nuts Lot CS

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  • Wall Mounted Bins Screws Bolts Washers Nuts Lot CS. This includes the Wall Mounted Rack, Bins, all contents in the bins and all cans and contents. There is no rack holding the cans on the top, they are on shelves, not included.


Our items are sold for the Estate or the family of the Estate. Wendell Keefer Estate Sales in Fontana California sell’s thousands of items online.


No shipping of large items. For smaller items, if the shipping is not calculated, please contact for shipping calculations. Some items are still at the estate home, so we will need to weigh them.


If you are local, you can receive an additional 10% off the internet price by paying cash and picking the item up in Fontana. This saves us fees that we pass onto you.


We charge sales tax, so when you purchase in person expect to pay sales tax.

We usually do not know the families, so we are not aware of smoking and pets. If we are aware, we will try and let you know. We clean items as best as possible, but you may need to do a more thorough cleaning.

We do our best to have satisfied customers, so please contact us if you any issues with your purchase.

Please view our pictures as part of our description.


06/08/19 WTK

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